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Of to a sprint!

This year has started of to a sprint with a tremendous amount of sales in our new Neat hinge, we also have made some improvements to the Neat lock and it is even easier to fit – have a look at February’s newsletter for more info Newsletter I had a meeting with the publishers a few weeks ago and it went great, everyone is very excited about the book project, so this will take most of my time this year but it will be well worth it, so must dash to get some commissions finished all the best Ian.

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New Neat hinge available in 92 and 180 degree versions.

I am happy to say I now have stock of the new brass Neat hinge, stainless steel will be available in Jan 2014. With my new designed stop system I can offer the hinge in a full open 180 degree hinge which is perfect for writing slopes, backgammon boards or any box project that does not require a stop. Here is a pair of Neat hinges fitted to a backgammon board beautifully made by Luke Wycherley a fine boxmaker. So if you have made the worlds best box it only makes sense you use the worlds best hardware team “The Neat Team”

180 degree Neat hinge

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Ready made escutcheons

Making escutcheons to a high standard and making a nice shaped keyhole can take time, so coming soon to the hardware section will be ready made wooden and mother of pearl escutcheons. To fit you first fit your lock and cut an approx keyhole, then place you escutcheon over this and insert your key line up to get the key perfectly centered and tape in place, lightly scribe around with a sharp blade just breaking the wood fibers. Then using a small router or scratch stock carefully remove the material to the line. These will have a perfect keyhole cut to match the Neat lock’s key and will be available in the following shapes & materials – RECTANGLE in 1.5mm ebony,curly maple, lacewood and Zebra wood. For more traditional style OVAL and DIAMOND in 0.7 mm mother of pearl.

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Neat lock now with improved action

I am happy to say that after quite a lot of testing that the Neat lock has now one of the smoothest locking action on the market. No exterior sizes have changed just the actions so try it out for your self. (currently only available in brass SS to follow).

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Coming soon the New Neat hinge.

Yes that’s right its nearly ready and soon I will be unveiling the new Neat hinge! all I can say for the moment is   Rout . Drill . Fit .

Watch this space.  Ian